Teacher Tour 2018


We are happy to announce Hye Tong Sunim JDPSN visit through Europe this summer. 

Hye Tong Sunim received inka from Zen Master Dae Bong in 2012 at Musangsa and currently, he is the co-guiding teacher and vice-abbot of Musangsa, South Korea.
He was born in 1971 in Korea and graduated from Dongguk University majoring in German literature. He started practicing Zen Buddhism at Hwa Gye Sa and ordained as a monk with sami precepts in the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism in 1996 at Haeinsa Temple. He received bhikkhu precepts in 2000 from the Kwan Um School of Zen and in 2005 from the Jogye Order.
He has worked and practiced at Hwa Gye Sa, Musangsa, Providence Zen Center and several Korean Zen monasteries. Hye Tong Sunim 
You are invited to seize this opportunity to meet and hear this wonderful Dharma Master on one of his public dharma talks or his retreats as part of the European Teacher Tour plan for 2018 in Saint Petersburg, Katowice, Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna, Vrážné, and Prague,
Saint Petersburg: 29.08 Dharma Talk, 31.08-02.09 Retreat (YMJJ)
Katowice: 03.09 Dharma Talk
Berlin: 06.09-08.09 Retreat (YMJJ)
Barcelona: 09.09-11.09 Retreat (YMJJ)
Vienna: 13.09 Dharma Talk
Vrážné: 14.09-16.09 Retreat (YMJJ)

Prague: 18.09 Dharma Talk
The Council | European Office 


Sangha Convention Report

[Click to read the first European Sangha Convention Report]


Listening to the voice of the Sangha


1st European Sangha Convention


View 100 survey results


— Sangha Weekend Plan —


  • Meeting of Members/MoM (~1,5h) – administrative part
  • Sangha Convention (~3h) – vision part
  • Evening Music LIVE

Dharma PuzzleCommunity building game (1h)
We will work in teams to find out how various buddhas, bodhisattvas and Dharma protectors
can fit together



Sunday: Precepts Ceremony  – APPLY


— What is the Sangha Convention? —

Sangha Convention is YOU! For the first time, members of our European Zen Centers and Groups are empowered to share their diverse experiences and insights, discuss their ideas and concerns about our Sangha. They will vote for positive changes that could help our School adapt to contemporary culture while keeping its core tradition, so we can better help this fast-changing world. The results of this convention will be presented to the European Teachers Group, who will consider them in their decisions.

[Read about it in our bylaws]

— Who should come? —

Each Center and Group is requested to delegate two deputies to the convention. One of your delegates can be also your representative during MoM. Also all Senior and Bodhisattva Dharma Teachers of the KUSZEu and all Guiding Teachers are invited to join. The latter have no right to vote in this assembly.

— Why you? —

This is the way how you can use your perceptions, ideas, and concerns for the benefit of the whole KUSZ community. Because you may have something important to say and you’ve been thinking about the correct situation to do so.

— When? —

September 8-9, 2018 after a short Meeting of the Members (MoM) in Wu Bong Sa. Save the date now, because SC can happen only once every 3-5 years.

— What will be discussed? —

What did you want to express for a long time? What is important and interesting for you? One of the topics submitted to SC by MoM 2017 is Millenial Report, which deals with the challenges of young generation within the Dharma regarding “diversity, education, religion, values, health, environmentalism, social justice, and technology”.  What are your recommendations for a wide, open and alive Dharma and Sangha? We will discuss

— SC survey results 

We grouped your email suggestions into four topics explored by the survey:
(1) Zen practice for beginners
(2) New forms of together action
(3) More education
(4) Empowerment of members

Your answers will become a foundation for Sangha Convention 2018 recommendations that will be presented to the European Teachers Group for further evaluation. 

— Volunteer —


Join our  FOUR TOPICS TEAMS! Fun is guaranteed and don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to make a difference for you and others: comms@kwanumeurope.org.


Building Dialogue within the Sangha
Most KUSZ together action is organized in such a way that we can practice without thinking. Our forms guide most possible actions in the Dharma room. It removes the pressure to think and discuss so as to figure out what to do next. That simplifies our practice so we can intensely sustain Don’t Know over long periods.
Discussion backed by thoughtful reflection is vital to running our communities. Don’t Know should underlie all practice, even discussion. Priority was given to silent practice in the Dharma Room.  That is wonderful. On the other hand, we also need to take enough time to deepen our mutual understanding and discuss new ideas.
A first step toward any possible new activity is to set up a Sangha discussion. The Sangha Convention does this on a grand scale of the European Sangha. In the future we will continue in this direction to make sure that our Sangha life and practice reflect the vision of Zen Master Seung Sahn and the goals, aspirations, and challenges of the surrounding society.


The Council | European Office

Summer Retreat Program 2018

Join Kwan Um School of Zen across Europe for our Summer Retreat Program 2018

Summer Retreat Map below will show you the correct way on the journey to your True Self. It begins on 24th of June in Israel and the Czech Republic and ends on 7th of September, after a four – week long Kyolche and Sangha Weekend with the Meeting of Members at Wu Bong Sa, Poland.

Using compass of zen, all participants can travel without coming and going from one Zen Center to another through eight different European countries.

Only go straight and meet our Teachers:

1. 24-30June Yuval Gill JDPSN at HaSharon Zen Center, Israel
2. 24.June-01.July Dae Kwang SSN at Seon Mun Sa, Czech Republic
3. 04-11.July Bon Shim SSN at Kubong Sa, England
4. 15-22.July Myong Hae Sunim JDPSN at Sufi Kanka, Lithuania
5. 22-29.July Joeng Hye SSN at Sufi Kanka, Lithuania
6. 29.July-04.August Koen Vermeulen JDPSN at Mottereau, France
7. 28.July-04.August Oleg Šuk JDPSN at Surya Centrum, Slovakia
8. 05-12.August Bon Shim SSN at Borisa, Spain
9. 12-18.August Bon Shim SSN at Borisa Spain
10. 11-18.August Igor Piniński JDPSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che (2nd entry: 16.August, 18:00)
11. 18-25.August Jo-Alma JDPSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che (2nd entry: 23.August, 18:00)
12. 25.August-01.September Bon Shim SSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che (2nd entry: 30.August, 18:00)
13. 01-07.September Joeng Hye SSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che (2nd entry: 05.September, 18:00)

08-09.September Sangha Weekend and Meeting of Members

Take one more step and sign up contacting the organizers via email, which you can find in the right column after clicking on each event’s link.

Check our Map below and find your Primary Point!
Summer Retreat Program 2018


Heart Kyol Che

The Heart Kyol Che is a wonderful opportunity to support our students who practice the Winter Kyol Che at WuBong Sa and to deepen your own practice. Come and pledge yourself for extra practice at home and receive the global support of our Dharma Sisters and Brothers from the Online Sangha.   


European Office is looking FOR YOU!

Currently, we are looking for 

  • Youtube Administrator
  • Newsletter / Mailchimp Editor 
  • Primary Point Editor for Europe


Who are you?

Kwan Um School of Zen / Europe, guarding a thousand-year-old tradition, is looking for Experts and Experimenters of all fields, who would like to explore together the challenges of modern times in order to transmit the Buddha’s teaching.

Let’s use together action to fulfill Zen Master Seung Sahn words:
“Trying is better than Zen Master, better than Buddha, better than God”.

If you want the tradition to continue in the modern world, tell us how can we help each other by filling the survey. Share your skills, ideas and projects.


looking for you poster

Dear Abbots and Group Leaders, please help us spread the word and download this Talents – poster A4 to hang it in your Zen Center, encouraging each and every member of our Sangha to fill our survey.

It will help us to  partially map the demographic features of our Sangha and learn more about each other.

Summer Retreat Program 2017

Dear members and friends,

The Summer Retreat Program of the Kwan Um School of Zen Europe has been announced, Starting in England. The SRP is a set of end-to-end continuous retreats taking place in seven different European countries starting 17th June 2017 and ending 03 September, after a three-week Kyol Che at Wu Bong Sa, Poland.

The following teachers will lead the retreat:

1. 17-25 June Ja An JDPSN / Igor Piniński JDPSN at Ku bong Sa, England 
2. 25.June-02.July Dae Kwang SSN at Seon Mun Sa, Czech Republic
3. 02-09.July Jiří Hazlbauer JDPSN at Seon Mun Sa, Czech Republic
4. 02-08.July Koen Vermeulen JDPSN at Mottereau, France
5. 09-16.July Ja An JDPSN at Sufi Kanka, Lithuania
6. 16-23.July Joeng Hye SSN at Sufi Kanka, Lithuania
7. 23-29.July Bon Shim SSN at Kubong Sa, England
8. 28. July-03.August Yuval Gill JDPSN at HaSharon Zen Center, Israel
9. 30.July-05.August Jo Potter JDPSN at Borisa, Spain
10. 06-12.August  Oleg Suk JDPSN at Surya Centrum, Slovakia
11. 13-20.August Igor Piniński JDPSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che (2nd entry: 18.August, 18:00)
12. 20-27.August Joeng Hye SSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che (2nd entry: 25.August, 18:00)
13. 27.August-03.September Bon Shim SSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che (2nd entry: 01.September, 18:00)

For more information please contact the organizer using email, which you can find in the right column after clicking on each event’s link.

Students, retirees, temporarily unemployed seeking for work, disabled people and school children if they are assisted by parents sitting the same retreat in a difficult financial situation and wishing to sit at least two weeks of retreat in any Summer Retreat Program can also apply for scholarship funded by KUSZ/E Council. Please provide your Guiding Teacher’s recommendation to comms@kwanumeurope.org and if you are our School’s member you can receive up to 50% discount.

New Kitchen at the Zen Center Berlin

We are very happy to announce that our kitchen at the Zen Center Berlin is now full in function and beautiful again. Thanks to generous donations and work contributions from the world wide and local Berlin Sangha we were able to rebuild and refurnish our living/kitchen area after the fire incident in spring 2016. Thank you again from the bottom of our heart for all your help. Please come to practice and enjoy a good time together with us!

Berlin Zen Center Berlin Zen Center Berlin Zen Center Berlin Zen Center: new kitchen Berlin Zen Center Altar Berlin Zen Center Dharma room Berlin Zen Center

Old kitchen after the fire:

Old kitchen after the fire

Summer Retreat Program 2016

The Summer Retreat Program of the Kwan Um School of Zen Europe has been announced.  The SRP is a set of end-to-end continuous retreats taking place in seven different European countries between 27th May 2016 and ending with the European Sangha Weekend 1/2 September, after a three-week Kyol Che at Wu Bong Sa, Poland.  Each retreat last at least a week (retreats in England, Czech Republic and Lithuania last two weeks, the Kyol Che in Poland for three weeks) and no other long retreats take place at the same time.

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KUSZ International Initiative

For our official launch, the International Initiative invites the global sangha to celebrate Earth Day together by taking a personal step to care for the earth! As we practice, we experience becoming one with everything, so caring for our planet is our natural function.

Whether we dedicate a kido or personal practice for Earth Day, remove trash from our neighborhood, walk instead of drive, choose organic or non-toxic products, or any other action that can help our planet – let’s take a big step wherever we are!

Please ask all your KUSZ practicing Dharma sisters and brothers to join the international KUSZ mailing list here. http://www.kwanumzen.org/contact-us…
For more info, visit: http://www.kwanumzen.org/ii/
Thank you for your practice and commitment!
Yours in the Dharma, The KUSZ International Initiative Team