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Dharma articles

This part of the Dharma Shop is for ordering Dharma articles direct from Korea, such as
o  moktak
o  chukpi
o  altar items (incense holder, water bowl, rice bowl, candlesticks, incense)
o  taenghwa (altar backdrop)
o  Buddha statue
o  bell
o  bowl sets.

Please download and read the General Information (articles). To order any articles please download the Dharma article Excel-file, fill out the address and quantity fields, save it, and send it to:

Upon receipt you will receive further information how to proceed with payment etc. If you should have additional questions please contact the above e-mail address.

General Information

Dharma article Excel file


This part of the online Dharma Shop is used for ordering robes. Please download and read the General Information and look at the measurements file for the type of robe you want to buy. Then download the Order Form for the kind of robe you want to buy. Follow the instructions to place your order for robes. Please fill in the order form using MS Word, save it and send it by email.

General Information (robes)

Robe Measurements Required

Short Bowing Robe: Measurements

Short Bowing Robe + Pants: Measurements

Pants Only: Measurements

Long Dharma Teacher Robe: Measurements

Robe Order Forms

Short Bowing Robe

Short Bowing Robe + Pants

Pants Only

Long Dharma Teacher Robe