Summer Retreat Program 2017

Dear members and friends,

The Summer Retreat Program of the Kwan Um School of Zen Europe has been announced, Starting in England. The SRP is a set of end-to-end continuous retreats taking place in seven different European countries starting 6th June 2017 and ending 02 September, after a three-week Kyol Che at Wu Bong Sa, Poland.

The following teachers will lead the retreat:

1. 17-25 June Ja An JDPSN / Igor Piniński JDPSN at Ku bong Sa, England 
2. 25.June-02.July Dae Kwang SSN at Seon Mun Sa, Czech Republic
3. 02-09.July Jiří Hazlbauer JDPSN at Seon Mun Sa, Czech Republic
4. 02-08.July Koen Vermeulen JDPSN at Mottereau, France
5. 09-16.July Ja An JDPSN at Sufi Kanka, Lithuania
6. 16-23.July Joeng Hye SSN at Sufi Kanka, Lithuania
7. 23-29.July Bon Shim SSN at Kubong Sa, England
8. 30.July-05.August Jo Potter JDPSN at Borisa, Spain
9. 06-12.August  Oleg Suk JDPSN at Surya Centrum, Slovakia
10. 13-19.August Igor Piniński JDPSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che
11. 20-26.August Joeng Hye SSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che
12. 27.August-02.September Bon Shim SSN at Wu Bong Sa, Poland Kyol Che

For more information please contact the organizer in the relevant event.


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