Information for Guests

How to find us

Vienna Zen Center is located at Kaiserstraße 44-46, Stiege 2, Top 8
1070 Vienna.
The nearest subway station is Burggasse-Stadthalle, line U6. Exit through Urban-Loritz-Platz.
The nearest tram station is Kaiserstraße/Westbahnstraße, tram number 5.

To enter the building, please press on the buzzer for apartment 2/8. After entering the main building, turn right and go to end of the hall and out the door.
Follow the courtyard walk way left to the next building entrance. Walk upstairs to the 2nd floor, apartment 8.

Arriving from Vienna Airport to Vienna Zen Center

> Please click here for fully detailed step-by-step instructions

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Information for guests who stay at the Zen Center

Vienna Zen Center offers guests to stay overnight & practice together.
Please contact us at to schedule your arrival.

> Accommodation will be in the Dharma Room, unless a different room will be available.
> The price per night is EUR 30. The price for Members of the Kwan Um School of Zen is EUR 20.

> We provide a simple breakfast, basic beddings & a towel, unless the center is hosting an event or a retreat. In this case, we will ask you to bring a sleeping bag, etc.

> Please be aware that there may be a situation where we could not accommodate you or a possibility that the accommodation availability will change. In this case, we are recommending the Wombat Hostel which is located nearby the Vienna Zen Center and offers private or shared rooms in a friendly environment.

Last updated 14.6.2014