Residence Opportunities: Warsaw

Wu Bong Sa Temple, (Warsaw Zen Centre in Poland)

Warsaw Zen Center can host up to 15 resident zen students, depending on the current occupancy, ussually there are around 10 residents in training including our resident Zen Master Bon Shim SSN.

Every day the residents commit to join morning practice (6.00 am – 7.35 am) and – depending on their other commitments – have a chance to join evening practice. They also participate in kongan interviews, weekend retreats at least once every three months and other events at a reduced price. Lively temple life provides many opportunities to spend time together, learn how to live in harmony and how to resolve conflicts in a bodhisattva manner.

As part of their training residents share duties around the house and learn all practice forms enabling them to lead practice and play temple instruments.

The Center is located in Warsaw suburbs, Falenica district, in the forrest area with a direct transport connection to the city center (~40 minutes ride). Many residents work or study in Warsaw on a daily manner.

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