European Office is looking FOR YOU!

Currently, we are looking for 

  • Youtube Administrator
  • Newsletter / Mailchimp Editor
  • Primary Point Editor for Europe


Who are you?

Kwan Um School of Zen / Europe, guarding a thousand-year-old tradition, is looking for Experts and Experimenters of all fields, who would like to explore together the challenges of modern times in order to transmit the Buddha’s teaching.

As our School continously evolves, each moment of volunteering will be appreciated.

Fill in the survey. Share your skills, ideas and projects. It will take around 3 minutes.


looking for you poster

Dear Abbots and Group Leaders, please help us spread the word and download this Talents – poster  to hang it in your Zen Center, encouraging each and every member of our Sangha to fill our survey.

It will help us to  partially map the demographic features of our Sangha and learn more about each other.

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