Residence at the Bratislava Zen Center

The Bratislava Zen Center is looking for one resident to live and practice in Bratislava Zen Centre. The students with Zen practice experience are preferred. We accept students for short training periods from one day up to a couple of months. The resident candidate must provide references before the beginning of training and to be ready to follow the temple and house rules. The person cannot work a night shift or very early morning because it will be impossible to follow Bratislava Zen Center daily practice schedule.
The resident student should attend every morning practice from 6:00 to 7:40 and evening practice from 18:30 to 20:00 according to her/his possibilities, but at least 3 times a week.
As a part of their duties, resident student should take care of the house and learn the forms of the
Zen practice to be able to give introduction to beginners and to lead the regular practice.
The Bratislava Zen Center is located in Dúbravka (western part of the city) in an apartment block
house with a good transport connection to the downtown.
For more information please contact the abbot via phone: +421 905 368 368 or email:

Residence Opportunities: Warsaw

Wu Bong Sa Temple, (Warsaw Zen Centre in Poland)

Warsaw Zen Center can host up to 15 resident zen students, depending on the current occupancy, ussually there are around 10 residents in training including our resident Zen Master Bon Shim SSN.

Every day the residents commit to join morning practice (6.00 am – 7.35 am) and – depending on their other commitments – have a chance to join evening practice. They also participate in kongan interviews, weekend retreats at least once every three months and other events at a reduced price. Lively temple life provides many opportunities to spend time together, learn how to live in harmony and how to resolve conflicts in a bodhisattva manner. Occasionaly paid positions (housemaster or others) are available or work and practice programs.

As part of their training residents share duties around the house and learn all practice forms enabling them to lead practice and play temple instruments. Fees for residency are very reasonable.

The Center is located in Warsaw suburbs, Falenica district, in the forrest area with a direct transport connection to the city center (~40 minutes ride). Many residents work or study in Warsaw on a daily manner. Single rooms available.

For more information please contact:

Bori Sa: La Garrotxa

Bori Sa (La Garrotxa), accepts residents and temporary guests for practice and work.

Bori Sa is located in 400 hectares of wilderness in the Pyrenees, without good transport connections and far away from any shops or facilities. That makes Bori Sa an ideal place for calming and clearing the mind… it is as if the mountain wind blows away the confusion, complexity and noise accumulated from urban life.

The residents commit to join morning and evening practice daily, and participate in the monthly retreat.

Bori Centro Zen: Barcelona

Bori Centro Zen can host one resident (or a couple) for a temporary stay in a space garret-style.  The Zen center is very well located, right in the downtown area of Barcelona, in a very lively area with excellent transport connections, at a walking distance from the beach and places of touristic interest.

The residents and guests commit to join morning practice daily (Monday to Friday, 7.30 am) and evening practice once a week (Tuesday or Thursday, 20.30 pm). There is also an optional Sonmudo class on Wednesday.

Residence at the Brussels Zen Center

The Brussels Zen Center accommodates one or two resident Zen Students living in the center for periods from one month to a year or more.?

Resident Zen Students commit to joining or leading morning practice (including weekly kongan interviews) and to joining regularly in the evening practice. They act as housemaster, moktak master or Head Dharma Teacher.? The residents participate in weekend retreats if possible. There are weekly kongan interviews.

The Zen Center is a completely renovated apartment of 120m²: see pictures below.? The Center is located just in front of a protected nature site, but still within Brussels.? You can buy food at walking distance.? Going by bus to the very center of Brussels takes half an hour.

The students’ apartment is separate from the house of Koen Vermeulen JDPSN and his family, occupying the top floor of a three-story house.? The atmosphere is peaceful, with views of fields and trees through large windows

If you are interested please email Wojtek Kulwanowski (

Residence Opportunity: London

We are looking for one resident to live and practice in London Zen Centre.  We accept people for short training periods from one day up to a couple of months. The student candidate has to provide references before beginning of training and to be ready to follow the temple and house rules. The person cannot work a night shift or very early morning, because it will be impossible to follow LZC practice schedule.

A person coming to London as a tourist or for an internship or short work training may also have a chance to practice and stay at LZC if there is a place available.  Please arrange in advance.

For more information please contact the guiding teacher Ja An JDPSN via phone or email. You can find all contact details on our website.

Residence Opportunities: Berlin

The Berlin Zen Center can host up to 6 resident Zen Students, depending on the current occupancy (please ask  The residents commit to join morning practice daily (5.30 am – 7.15 am) and evening practice twice a week (Tuesday and Friday).  They also participate in weekend retreats.

The Center is located directly in the city with good transport connection and many cheap shopping facilities.  The residents clean the Zen Center regularly.

The guiding teacher and abbot of the Berlin Zen Center, Gu Ja SSN, does not live in the Zen Center but attends evening practice regularly.  Kongan interviews with Zen Master Gu Ja or another teacher take place every alternate Wednesday and Friday.

For more information please contact:    or call tel: +49-30-46 60 50 90