Bratislava ZC December YMJJ w. Joeng Hye SSN

Meditation center Javorie Horný Tisovník 202, Horný Tisovník, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

This event requires your registration at least 3 day before the retreat starts. On-site retreat (Yong Maeng Jong Jin) with Zen Master Joeng Hye (Andrzej Piotrowski) is organised by Bratislava Zen Center.  You can join us to experience 3 days of intensive period of the practice with meditation, bowing, chanting practice and kong-an interviews with acknowledged […]


YMJJ December with Yuval Gil JDPSN Israel

Hasyim Farm Israel Jerusalem, Israel

YMJJ 21th-23th of December with JDPSN Yuval Gil at Hasyim Farm Israel for more details and registers pls contact: whatsapp : +972-54-432-7160