Call for Primary Point Submissions


The European Office is delighted to inform you that the editorial team of Primary Point, the teaching journal of the Kwan Um School of Zen, will devote the entire Spring 2020 issue to the European, Israeli and Russian region. This is an exciting opportunity to share our “European Dharma” with our friends in the global community and showcase both the work and the practice we are doing to attain a clear, compassionate mind and help all beings, moment to moment. 


In order to gather and present the most meaningful content, we are issuing a Call for Submissions to anyone in the Sangha who feels they have something to say or otherwise wish to contribute to Primary Point Spring 2020 issue. 

What topics to cover?

The general theme of the Spring 2020 issue is the interplay between modern life and Zen practice in the context of Europe/Israel/Russia regions. 

Some of the possible topics to consider could be (but are not limited to):

  • Zen and everyday life (family, work, society, technology)
  • Beginner’s mind and ways to inspire people to practice
  • Ways that Zen teaching can help people deal with the ever changing challenges of modern Europe (socio-political and economic issues, environment, climate, and sustainable living)
  • Sangha in the context of diversity and multiculturality
  • Personal accounts and relationships with the practice, etc. 

We are however interested in receiving other topics and ideas and we welcome your bold and creative thinking in submitting what you feel most passionate about.

What and how to submit?

We will consider all forms of submissions such as (but not limited to) articles, personal stories, poems, photographs, book reviews, drawings & paintings and other contributions that are compatible with the Primary Point format. All submissions must be original work that you have authored unless otherwise stated or agreed upon. Please note that at this point we are only gathering ideas which means that your submission does not need to be completed (or even started yet).


So, start sharpening your minds, pencils (and keyboards) and submit your proposal/idea through our online form.

When to submit?

You will have two weeks to think about the general idea/topic of your submission (article, essay, etc). The deadline for submitting this general idea/topic is September 15th.

After reviewing all the submissions we will get in touch with those whose submissions are selected for further consideration. After that, you will have about 1,5 month to complete and finalize your submission/article. After November 15th we will collect all submissions and possibly suggest some revisions before submitting the final content to the Primary Point team no later than December 31st.

Selection process

Ideally, we will strive to publish all the contributions we receive. However, since there are objective limitations (technical and otherwise) with regard to Primary Point, submissions closest to the general themes outlined above may receive priority. You shouldn’t be discouraged by this and we invite you to submit whatever you feel is relevant. 

For any potential submission that is not selected for publication, we will do our best to make it available through our online channels (web, social media, newsletters, etc).

More information

If you have any questions or would like to understand better what kind of topics would be fitting, please get in touch with our coordinator Veronique Struis at

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