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Winter Kyol Che 2018

January 6 at 6:30 pm to March 24 at 9:00 am

Winter Kyol Che 2018 at Wu Bong Sa temple, Warsaw Zen Center

  • Led by  Kwan Um School of Zen teachers.
  • Runs from 06 January to 24 March 2018
  • Dharma talks once a week and kong-an interviews twice a week
  • Enter Kyol Che each week on Saturday between 17:30 and 18:30 and exit on consecutive Saturday before 17:00.


The following teachers will lead the retreat:

1.  06.01 – 13.01 Arne Schaefer JDPSN
2.  13.01 – 20.01 Yuval Gill JDPSN (II entry for beginners: 18.01, 18:30)
3.  20.01 – 27.01 Koen Vermeulen JDPSN
4.  27.01 – 03.02 Ji Kwang SSN (II entry: 01.02, 18:30)
5.  03.02 – 10.02 Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN
6.  10.02 – 17.02 Ja An JDPSN
7.   17.02 – 24.02 Gu Ja SSN (II entry: 22.02, 18:30)
8.   24.02 – 03.03 Olek Suk JDPSN
9.   03.03 – 10.03 Alma Potter JDPSN
10.  10.03 – 17.03 Joeng Hye SSN
11.   17.03 – 24.03 Bon Shim SSN (II entry: 22.03, 18:30)

24.03 Precepts Ceremony with Zen Master Jeong Hye

We wish to draw your attention to the fact we have four second entries this Kyolche happening in the middle of the week – for those of you who can come only for shorter periods. We would like to ensure everyone that Kyolche atmosphere will be focused and we ask for your help by not applying for other dates and hours than the listed above. If you must arrive on a different day, the only exception can be your flight connection. In such case, contact the Wu Bong Sa office before booking your flight to confirm. Also, if you need to arrive after 22:00 (lights out), we can assist you with finding a suitable hotel nearby. Thank you for your understanding.

Kyol Che fees (Dharma Teachers/members/non-members):

Kyol Che 2 days 170/200/230 zł       (40/45/55 Euro)
Kyol Che 1 week 500/570/680 zł        (125/145/170 Euro)
Kyol Che 2 weeks 950/1100/1300 zł     (240/275/325 Euro)
Kyol Che 3 weeks 1450/1600/1900 zł     (365/400/475 Euro)
Kyol Che 4 weeks 1900/2100/2500 zł      (475/525/625 Euro)
Each additional week 475/525/625 zł      (120/130/160 Euro)
Total  5250/5700/6900 zł           (1320/1450/1760 Euro)

We encourage everyone to participate in Kyol Che not only through sitting practice but also through the practice of Danaparamita and funding scholarships. Thanks to your donations other people can join Kyol Che at reduced costs. Each 20 euro you pay is a one-day scholarship for other participants. If you are facing financial challenges, contact us at kwanum@zen.pl and if you would like to support our Kyol Che Discount Fund, here are the bank details. We also encourage you to pay more than the regular price. Thank you!
Students, retirees, temporarily unemployed seeking for work, disabled people and school children if they are assisted by parents sitting the same retreat in a difficult financial situation and wishing to sit at least two weeks of retreat during Kyolche can also apply for a scholarship funded by KUSZ/E Council. Please provide your Guiding Teacher’s recommendation to comms@kwanumeurope.org and if you are our School’s member you can receive up to 50% discount.

Address: ul. Małowiejska 24, 04-962 Warszawa-Falenica, Poland. More info on how to get here on our webpage

Please bring your sleeping bags, towels (you can rent them for an extra fee in Wu Bong Sa Temple) warm socks, which we use in the Dharma Room, loose trousers reaching your ankles for sitting meditation and personal medicine set in case you catch a cold. All participants are obliged to arrive with valid medical insurance.

Watch on YouTube invitation for Kyolche from Bon Shim SSN and TAKE A CHANCE!


Retreat participants will be asked to give away and deposit their mobile phones and all electronic device in a safe place. For important reasons it’s possible to send text messages do participants using temple phone numbers: +48 537845487 and +48 607454208.

During retreats we provide mostly vegan meals. Eggs and diary products (yoghurt, cheese) are served separately. Kitchen can only follow (with an extra payment for preparing special meals) restrictions regarding diets prescribed by medical doctors for people with celiac disease and/or lactose intolerance. All other dietary habits or decisions should be suspended for the duration of the retreat. There is no possibility to use kitchen by retreat participants.

Thank you for your understanding and help in creating harmonious and dictraction free atmosphere during the retreat.

Please make sure you read all Kyol Che rules on our webpage


We are looking Kitchen Master for chosen weeks of Winter Kyol Che 2018. Job description for Kitchen Master includes – an ability to cock for groups and speak basic English. Kitchen Master participates in the retreat for free. Contact:  kwanum@zen.pl.

For more information please contact:
Tel. +48(22) 872 05 52, +48 537845487, or email kwanum@zen.pl.



Hae In


Wu Bong Sa, Warsaw
Małowiejska 24
Warszawa, Poland
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+48(22) 872 0652