Residence at the Brussels Zen Center

The Brussels Zen Center accommodates one or two resident Zen Students living in the center for periods from one month to a year or more.?

Resident Zen Students commit to joining or leading morning practice (including weekly kongan interviews) and to joining regularly in the evening practice. They act as housemaster, moktak master or Head Dharma Teacher.? The residents participate in weekend retreats if possible. There are weekly kongan interviews.

The Zen Center is a completely renovated apartment of 120m²: see pictures below.? The Center is located just in front of a protected nature site, but still within Brussels.? You can buy food at walking distance.? Going by bus to the very center of Brussels takes half an hour.

The students’ apartment is separate from the house of Koen Vermeulen JDPSN and his family, occupying the top floor of a three-story house.? The atmosphere is peaceful, with views of fields and trees through large windows

If you are interested please email Wojtek Kulwanowski (