Dušan Silváši JDPSN Inka Speech

Dušan Silváši JDPSN received inka from Zen Master Gu Ja in September 2022. He was born in Košice, Slovakia. In 1992 he started practicing with the Kwan Um School of Zen, first with Zen Master Wu Bong and Zen Master Dae Kwang and later with Oleg Šuk JDPSN. He works as an IT specialist and has also been a teacher of Karate for many years. He has been the abbot of Košice Zen Center for 17 years. He has 2 children with his wife Olga (also a longtime Zen practitioner) and together with her he has been working on spreading the teaching of Zen to a much wider audience with projects involving Yoga, Karate and recently also with IT professionals.