Teacher Tour 2018


We are happy to announce Hye Tong Sunim JDPSN visit through Europe this summer. 

Hye Tong Sunim received inka from Zen Master Dae Bong in 2012 at Musangsa and currently, he is the co-guiding teacher and vice-abbot of Musangsa, South Korea.
He was born in 1971 in Korea and graduated from Dongguk University majoring in German literature. He started practicing Zen Buddhism at Hwa Gye Sa and ordained as a monk with sami precepts in the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism in 1996 at Haeinsa Temple. He received bhikkhu precepts in 2000 from the Kwan Um School of Zen and in 2005 from the Jogye Order.
He has worked and practiced at Hwa Gye Sa, Musangsa, Providence Zen Center and several Korean Zen monasteries. Hye Tong Sunim 
You are invited to seize this opportunity to meet and hear this wonderful Dharma Master on one of his public dharma talks or his retreats as part of the European Teacher Tour plan for 2018 in Saint Petersburg, Katowice, Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna, Vrážné, and Prague,
Saint Petersburg: 29.08 Dharma Talk, 31.08-02.09 Retreat (YMJJ)
Katowice: 03.09 Dharma Talk
Berlin: 06.09-08.09 Retreat (YMJJ)
Barcelona: 09.09-11.09 Retreat (YMJJ)
Vienna: 13.09 Dharma Talk
Vrážné: 14.09-16.09 Retreat (YMJJ)

Prague: 18.09 Dharma Talk
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