Join KUSZE Meeting of Members 2021

Dear European Sangha,

We’re happy to invite all members of European Zen Centers and Groups to our Annual Meeting of Members, which will take place on 9th of October 2021 at 10.00-12.00 CEST on Zoom platform, where you will be able to participate virtually and vote through chosen representatives.

Even if you are just a regular Sangha member, this is your chance to influence our whole School and participate in shaping our community on the international level. We would love to hear your voice!


and we will send you the link couple of days before the meeting.

All Zen Centers and Groups can vote during the Meeting of Members (MoM) by choosing their representatives, while the rest of the Sangha is invited as non-voting participants. Let your abbess/abbot/group director know if you want to add more topics to the agenda and they will let us know.

  • Before 20th of August: Abbesses/abbots/group directors can add topics to the agenda by sending them to European Office ( We are always open to hear from you throughout the whole year, if you want to discuss important topics and prepare them for MoM.
  • Before 3rd of October: Please organize your local Sangha meetings to decide how to vote and choose a representative who will speak up for your Sangha during the MoM. Register your representative in this SW registration form providing:

(1) name of the representative and which local Sangha do you represent
(2) how many members you currently have

If we don’t hear from you by 3rd of October 2021, your guiding teacher will be eligible to represent you or appoint your proxy without prior consultation.

  • Teachers (SSN, JDPSN) or members from another Zen Center or Group can serve as your representatives in case no student from your local Sangha is attending.
  • The teachers can choose a representative for themselves from among students or teachers, but this representative can represent one teacher only.
  • According to our bylaws, you can choose your representative in any way you wish (discussion, vote, etc.), but the representative has to be approved by your guiding teacher.
  • Representatives can represent up to 5 centers and groups.

Should any of the points above bring up your questions or concerns, please let us know.

European Council
European Office